Speedwatch is a community initiative to help educate motorists to the increasing problem of speeding in villages and rural areas. Volunteers attend known problem sites to record and report excessive speed to Kent Police who contact speeders, explaining the potential risks and consequences of their dangerous behaviour. Repeat offenders will receive a visit from the local police.

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Volunteers wanted can you help your community and spare a few hours to reduce speeding vehicles in your area

If you could spare an hour or two a month to help with one of Seal Parish’s Speedwatch Groups in Seal, Underriver or Stone Street please contact the clerk. We are always looking for volunteers. It is local residents giving up their time to record speeds and driving habits that are making a difference and improving safety in your community.

Seal Parish Council, with the support of Kent County Council, have invested in a mobile Speed Indicator Device which is placed at known problem points around the parish to inform drivers if they are speeding.

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