The Parish has footpath representatives (Tim Martin) who monitor the footpaths and bridle ways, but we are always keen to hear from you as well.  If you see a broken stile/dog gate or a blocked path please let us know. If possible give the exact location or contact KCC direct on their Report a problem page with a right way page. The Parish has many lovely walk and rides we hope you enjoy visiting our area. If you take any photos while out walking in our area that you would like to share with us we will add them to our gallery.

Bluebell Walk

Bluebells in woodland

Late April – May depending on the weather.

Start the walk from the One Tree Hill car park, Carters Hill, Fawke Common, TN15 0SN.

One Tree Hill is owned by the National Trust and a great place to start the Bluebell Walk.

The walk will take you about 40- 50 minutes.

The Route

Park your car in the car park. The grassed area in front of you has three paths leading into the woods. Take the middle path straight in front of you, head up the hill and at the top of the hill bear right and you will come to a grassed area. Walk straight across the grassed area and take the path back into the wood. 

(You can explore more of One Tree Hill at this point by following the path straight on and walking the path in a circle and ending up back at this point). Now take the first right turn and you will see all the bluebells on the bank below to your left you will come out on another grassed area with a stone seat on the top of the bank to your right. This seat is in memory of Octavia Hill, a co-founder of the National Trust.

The views from this point are magnificent to the south across the valley looking towards Tonbridge, Bidborough Ridge and Crowborough Beacon. With your back to the bench you can see a small way marking (yellow) on your right slightly down hill directing you to the Greensand Way. Follow this path back into the wood downhill until you meet a fork in the path. Take the left hand fork (the right takes you back to the car park) and keep walking go under the barrier to the road. Turn left downhill and take the first drive on the right, with large white wooden gates. To the right immediately before the white gate is a footpath (SR149 Greensand Way) with a fence on either side. Follow this path all the way to the end. In May on your right, you will see a wonderful display of native bluebells on the banks in the woods. At the end of this path turn right and follow the bridle path up hill through the orchard. Again more bluebells in the woods to the left, until you reach the road. Turn right onto the road – more bluebells. Keep walking until you reach the T-junction. At the junction turn right and you will be able to see the car park in front of you on the opposite side of the road.

We hope you enjoy this walk.

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