Dear Parishes,

Please find the monthly update from the Beat officers for your Parishes.


A female PCSO and a male police officer walking away from the camera

Swanley & Local areas

This month has been a great result for charges.

  • A male was stopped and spoken to in Swanley and was in possession of cannabis. The male was known and wanted for two shopliftings at Co-op in Swanley and Morrions Daily in Hextable. He was arrested for the two shopliftings as well as for possession of cannabis. He was charged with three offences.
  • A male and female were charged and remanded for a shoplifting and assault on staff member at Savers in Swanley.
  • Asda security alerted police about some suspicious males in Swanley who were potentially shoplifting. Police attended and a male was located and searched. He was found to have concealed items which were confirmed stolen from Iceland and Poundland so was subsequently arrested. Shoplifting is a serious offence that effects businesses and communities.
  • A digger was stolen on Pinks Hill. The district has been suffering an increase of theft of plant machinery. Be vigilant and report anything suspicious.
  • Police received a call from WJKing garages Swanley regarding a distrubance. A male smashed a window to the car showroom. Police attended and the male was arrested.
  • Vehicles continue to be stolen with keyless entry. While our patrols are always alert for suspicious vehicles and persons in the area overnight, there are a number of measures residents can take to avoid becoming a victim to this type of crime:
    • When at home keep your car key (and the spare) well away from the car to prevent any form of keyless entry.
    • Put the keys in a screened or signal-blocking pouch, such as a Faraday Bag.
    • If you have a garage, use it.
    • Reprogram your keys if you buy a second hand car.
    • Turn off wireless signals on your fob when it’s not being used.
    • Review your car security. Low tech security devices such as steering locks or trackers remain incredibly effective and continue to deter thieves. If your vehicle has a manufacturer installed tracker, check with your insurance before you alter it as it may invalidate your insurance.
    • Contact your dealer and talk about the digital features in your car. Have there been any software updates you can take advantage of?
  • Patrolling around the alleyway next to Edwards gardens due to complaints of nuisance youths climbing on top of garages and causing damage. Two males were stopped and searched. Cannabis was located and seized.  The male will be dealt with for the possession of cannabis. Cannabis is a Class B drug which is illegal and falls under The Misuse of Drug Act 1971.
  • Attended Swanley fire station open day, present was KFRS, Secamb and Salvation army. It was a great day with a big and appreciative crowd and fantastic weather!

Kent Fire and Rescue Service hosts a number of events throughout the year which are fun, educational and engaging. From fire station family open days to popular autumn-themed events and CPR information sessions.

New Ash Green & Hartley

2 stolen vehicles have been recovered from New Ash Green. Both were stolen in burglaries. Please report any suspicious persons and vehicles. CCTV from residents has been vital in identifying the suspects.

Speed enforcement operations have taken place on several locations, in response to local residents identifying this as a priority area of concern.  

Parking at Hartley Academy continues to be an issue. Local officers have attended the location to deal with offending drivers and speak with the parents and school children. Work continues with parking enforcement, highways, council, and the school to improve the road safety for the children of the community.  Parking enforcement visited twice in a week and enforced 2 vehicles.

Farningham, Horton Kirby & South Darenth

Successful speeding operations have taken place this month on the A20; after the matter was highlighted as an area of concern at a recent Parish Council meeting.

Community Protecting Notice issued to a dog owner who was identified as causing concern to other public space users. Since intervention no further concerns have been raised.  

A  resident who was outstanding for failing to appear at court at the beginning of month, for Drug Driving was tracked down and arrested. They will now have their day in court.

Crockenhill & Well Hill

A found mobile phone handed into the police has provided vital information on some local drug dealers within the community. The mobile was receiving a number of drug marketing messages which prompted the police to be contacted.

Sevenoaks & Local areas

Bat and Ball Quarry – Problem Solving Package

From late September through early October, there has been a recurring problem involving youths causing damage to machinery and property at the tarmac site and generally using the quarry as a playground. This not only disrupts businesses on the site but also poses risks to their safety. Previous incidents include vandalism, fire extinguisher misuse, unauthorised use of machinery, tampering with equipment, and parkour type activities. Police have created a problem-solving package to monitor and deal with these issues.

Vine – PSPO

Unfortunately, the Café at the Vine was subject to some criminal damage to their window as a result of youths congregating in the area and causing a nuisance. Police are investigating the matter in order to identify the offenders. The Public Space Protection Order continues and the survey responses have been analysed and we await the results reported to the Council’s Cabinet.


Criminal Behaviour Orders continue to have a great impact on the businesses in Sevenoaks and another one has been issued by the court to a prolific offender: Ross Port, aged 42, was sentenced to four months imprisonment at Sevenoaks Magistrates Court on 27 September 2023 and will be restricted by the conditions of a criminal behaviour order on his release. The London resident had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to two thefts at Boots in Sevenoaks High Street and causing criminal damage to a cell at Tonbridge police station. For more details, click below

Crime Trends

There has been a recent uptick in crime trends for theft of diggers and also theft of pedal cycles in the local area of Sevenoaks.

Sevenoaks Bike Thefts: The most recent theft occurred on the afternoon of Thursday 19th October, where 2 males stole a high-value pedal cycle from London Road, Sevenoaks, just outside the old Bills restaurant. For crime prevention advice click below

Sevenoaks Machinery Thefts: Over the past few weeks, there has been a notable increase in the theft of construction diggers and equipment during ongoing renovation and local projects. These thefts have not only caused financial losses to the victim/businesses but have also disrupted development efforts. For crime prevention advice, click below

Business Crime Week

The National Business Crime Centre (NBCC) has held a national week of action to support businesses and reduce business crime across the country. During the week, Chief Superintendent Neil Loudon, the West Kent Divisional Commander, came on patrol in Sevenoaks in support of the initiative. Several stores were visited to offer crime prevention advice, and key business partners from Marks & Spencer and Francis Jones Jewellers were met to discuss retail crime. Residents and shoppers were spoken to about any concerns they had and it was explained how local police officers were seeking to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.For more info click below

New Beat Officers

New Officer to Sevenoaks Beat Team

PC Tom Costin has joined the “Sevenoaks Beat Team”, which will provide more widespread coverage for all the Sevenoaks beats. The Sevenoaks district comprises of 26 beats and we will now both be named officers for the following wards:

– Sevenoaks Town & St John’s – beat code YC11

– Sevenoaks Kippington – beat code YC12

– Sevenoaks Northern – beat code YC14

– Sevenoaks Eastern – beat code YC15

– Seal & Weald – beat code YC28

As beat officers, our primary goal is to provide reassurance and actively collaborate with the public and our partners to identify priorities and tackle local issues head on. We will be visible in uniform as much as we can, ensuring a proactive and approachable presence.

Engagement Events

Commitment to community engagement remains strong. This month saw engagement with the youth. PCSO DARLING and I attended the house on the basement, a youth club in Sevenoaks and met with the manager and all the young people. This youth club was vibrant and a great and safe place for young people to congregate. It was evident how much good work is going on here and police hope to strengthen this connection through regular engagement in the future.

Police have also conducted several crime prevention stands this month providing free physical giveaways to help protect the local community against crime. The Faraday pouches were particularly popular, which is no surprise given the nation’s uptick in vehicle relay thefts.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in making Sevenoaks a safer and more vibrant place to live.

Stay safe and vigilant – PC Nick Hubbard

Westerham & Local areas

Dunton Green/Riverhead

Foot and mobile patrol have been conducted, in terms of on going ASB issues between Dunton Green and Riverhead with illegal fishing activities. Large group spoken to in the recreation ground about recent anti-social behaviour and their conduct within the recreation ground, positive reaction from the youths and willing to engage in discuss with PC Wilson. A number of children spoken to about illegal fishing down by the river Darenth a number of youths strong words of advice given and parents informed.

Halsted/Badgers Mount and Knockholt

With the ongoing complaints regarding Hewitts round about and the ASB driving in the area, I have attended multi agency meetings, to discuss and work on a plan moving forward how we can tackle the ongoing issues regarding this round about and the driving offences that have happened in the area, working with the councils Sevenoaks and Bromley, as well as the metropolitan police to make the life of the local residents better.


Have paid a number of visits to the new skate park in the area and discussed with locals what a valuable assets it is to the community and that it is bringing a community together in the area. This month we have also had business crime week where officers had attended some of the bigger business who are regularly targeted within the area and provided further support and guidance with them. There has also been an increase in ASB riding within the area once again, only a small number of reports have come in for this. With this in mind you are encouraged to report this in to the police, if we are not informed we are unaware this has happened and cannot take actions of the individuals in the community causing issues.

Ide Hill

With joint working between CSU and rural task force we have Identified some individuals who are going around the rural countryside illegally poaching in the area and they have been issue a community behaviour warning to stop there actions, if not followed will be looking at more than warnings for them.

Edenbridge & Local areas

PC 14759 KEMP joined the Sevenoaks Beat Team early September but was engaged in other Operational matters which subsequently caused a lapse in the Beat coverage. Now with a full month into the role without other deployments PC KEMP is able to establish himself into his Beat areas which include:

  • Edenbridge
  • Leigh and Chiddingstone Causeway
  • Penshurst, Fordecombe and Chiddingstone
  • Hever and Cowden


A positive and open line of communication has already been established with the Town Council Clerk should any issues arise.

The PACT meeting was attended Early October by Local Beat officer and Community Safety Officer for Sevenoaks District Council as the Chair.

This was a great opportunity to meet with Community Stakeholders, Youth Club leaders and community representatives. It gave a great insight into the issues within the local community and best cause of action to tackle them efficiently.

The meeting gave rise to a repeat issue of anti-social behaviour and driving surrounding a local business. The business were spoken to by the Local Officer and this lead to disciplinery action on members of staff involved and further advice given to other employees limiting further issues in the future.

Key youth club in the area attended and Youth Leader spoken to regarding and plans to re-attend the club to engage with those that attend the activities. It was clear that the club provides a great environment for young people and does some great work.

An increased high visibility patrol in the area of the SPITALS CROSS estate and surrounding areas has detered individuals causing anti-social behaviour. There have been fewer reports of anti-social bikes and drug taking in the area.

However, the issue has not completely been solved and ongoing work will be done to identify those reposible and look to issue ABA’s and Section 59 warning letters were appropriate.

The increase in high visibility patrol in the area has lead to more youth engagement and particular individuals causing issues within the community.

A serious assault was reported in the SPRINGFIELD ROAD area and due to quick work and visible presence in the Town by Beat officers PC KEMP and PC WILSON (Westerhams Beat), suspects were located due to the description given and subsequently arrested, the investigation remains ongoing.

Leigh and Chiddinstone Causeway

A positive and open line of communication has been developed with the Parish Clerk and will continue to be establish regarding any issues within the parish.

There has been an increase in patrol in the area, at this stage primarily in marked vehilce. Unfortunately, most crime within the beat code seems to be from vehicle crime. Please remember to stay vigilant with personal vehilces, look to invest in faraday boxes to store keys to prevent keyless thefts of vehilces. If possible, install Ring doorbell cameras and even broght sensored flood lights as a deterent.Positive work from a variety of resources including Local officers and Tactically trained officers. was able to secure the recovery of a Stolen Digger and Trailer from Chiddingstone Hoath. The vehilces were fitted with trackers which were activated in the Swanley and the vehilce was able to be recovered by the owner.

Penshurst, Fordecombe and Chiddingstone

Increased visible patrols by Local Beat officer and introductions have been made to locals where possible.

Speedwatches have been organised and are set to go ahead in the village to limit issues with speeding vehicles.

Residents are reminded to report issues where relevant. This can be done on 999 in an emergency or online if there is no immediate risk. This includes anti-social behaviour, vehicles and speeding. This will allow officers to target specific issues and set up Speedchecks when possible.

Hever and Cowden

Local Beat Officer is set to attend both Hever and Cowden Parish Meetings in early November, which will provide a great opportunity to learn about the key issues affecting the community and also establish a positive relationship with the Parish Clerk and members within the community.

Cross Border and Interpartnership Work

Due to ongoing issues with illegal hunting and poaching of wildlife, Local Beat Officers are teaming up with Rural Crime Team in order to target key individuals responsible, issues CPW (Community Protection Warnings) to deter them.

Key relationships have been established with neighbouring forces in order to have successful and effeicient Intelligence and information sharing. This is in order to provide a safe, protected and reassured communutity both in a local village capacity and to our neighbouring counties.

West Kingsdown , Eynsford, Shoreham, Otford & Kemsing

Good work

On Thursday 28th September 2023 your local officer responded to a report of a burglary in the Sevenoaks area. Whilst on route, officer identified a suspicious vehicle parked down a driveway of a residential property in the Otford area. It was soon established person linked to this vehicle were in the process of committing another burglary in the vicinity. Local officer co-ordinated a joint response unterlising the Traffic Department and Dog Unit and whilst still monitoring the area identified a second vehicle which the suspects had just stolen.  

As a result, this vehicle was pursued by trained officers along the A225 corridor where it was stung and brought to a safe conclusion and two suspects arrested in Eynsford for numerous offences including burglary and theft of motor vehicle across Kent and Essex.

On the following day, investigators from the Kent Crime Squad charged Lewis Thomas and Kyle Ainsley both aged 24, with three counts of burglary and theft of motor vehicle. After they appeared at Medway Magistrates Court on Friday 29th September both males were remanded in custody to appear at Maidstone crown court on 30th October. Great result for those victims and residents living nearby.

In West Kingsdown there has been a reduction in reports of nuisance vehicles causing issues on the fields and woodland area near to the library. Patrols were continued in the area to deter and identify any persons involved. Also, following the opening of Co-Op along Hever Road it has been brought to local officer’s attention parking issues close to the store. This has been passed on to Highways and Traffic Wardens, however, regular patrols will continue and anyone seen parking in a dangerous position or causing obstruction will be dealt with appropriately.  

Recently officers from the Beat Team have completed a site visit with local Parish Leaders in Shoreham to assess the parking issues in the village particularly at weekends with customers using the local facilities. This issue will not be resolved overnight, however, officers spoke about possible options to deter poor parking and will liaise with CSU colleagues to complete regular patrols to deter and deal with anyone causing obstructions in the area.  

It also appears, Shoreham Golf Club have recently been subject to theft of golf buggies. I urge anyone with information to pass over to police or if you see persons driving buggies away from the golf centre to all 999 straight away.  

Crime Prevention & General Advice

Please keep us updated on any forthcoming meeting events in your communities. Although low on numbers we will still strive to attend these events.

Seasonal reports of bikes being used off road are being made across the district. If you witness these types of incidents, please call them in. If possible, obtain any photos/CCTV. Often the bikes area driven to locations to be used if this is the case try and obtain the registration of the vehicles.

For landowners, please make sure clear signage is up prohibiting the use of bikes on your land and make sure that access points are secure or offer deterrents to bike users.

If you want local alerts to your area and to be able to reply with any relevant information please sign up below.

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My Community Voice

Is there a speedwatch goup in your area that is now dormant? Would you like help to set up a new one or revitalise an old one.  Contact  speedwatch   or e-mail Sevenoaks CSU for assistance.

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