We now welcome October & some chillier times. It will soon be Halloween & Fireworks – If you have any events going on in your area let us know and we’ll do our best to attend! The district PCSOs have had various changes made to be on during these evening events and so will be good to come along.

Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. You should stay cautious to help protect yourself and others.

  • Let fresh air in if you meet indoors. Meeting outdoors is safer
  • Wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you come into contact with people you do not normally meet
  • Get tested and self-isolate if required

For further information & clarifications please visit the Government Coronavirus advice pages  where you will find the latest government updates.

We are still receiving reports from victims of various types of scams and fraud. The main type remaining that the offenders are claiming to be Police Officers and that they’re investigating criminal activity involving your bank account. They tend to use panic methods such as saying that they have someone in custody right now and so swift action is required. Police would never ask for your bank details like this over the phone so if you receive a call like this hang up immediately.

Sevenoaks Town and St Johns

The Buckhurst Lane area remains a regular focus for us with visits made often to the multi-storey car park, leisure centre and environmental park. Reports of ASB and criminal activity are indeed reducing due to the ongoing attention but our concentration will continue here to improve the area for locals, visitors and residents.

PC Nick our town beat officer continues to support the high street stores by identifying and dealing with various offenders. Along with the PCSOs he holds contact with the stores, their management, security and staff and links in with CCTV and other agencies to keep the town safe and bring those offenders to justice.

Officers had recently attended the Silver Sunday seniors forum at the Stag Plaza along with other members of the community safety team to provide all sorts of crime prevention advice and reassurance around various concerns.

Sevenoaks Eastern

With a bit of a lack of ‘summer’ in the end, there were very minimal reports made for the Hollybush Café and Knole Park areas. Previously we have provided much focus there due to reports of ASB but these are no longer currently on our ‘list’ of hotspot areas. However our patrols will continue there to deter this activity from starting up again.

Our youth engagement PCSO Yaz maintains contact with the schools in this area such as the Trinity and Weald Of Kent in order to deal with any issues that arise but also to build up good relationships with these young people.

Sevenoaks Kippington

The Kippington ward of Sevenoaks remains low on all types of reports for us with nothing of particular note to detail. It would be a timely opportunity to remind everyone to review their home and vehicle security and ensure you have measures in place to protect yourself and your property. Consider home CCTV and video doorbells that are great tools to record suspicious activity or other unusual events and crime. If your car is ‘keyless’ keep your key(s) in a signal-blocking case in a safe place. Even consider more ‘old-school’ protection methods such as using a steering wheel/gear stick lock. These visible deterrents will make things even harder for any of these criminals.

Sevenoaks Northern

Reports for the wildlife reserve have been minimal but unfortunately Greatness park has been suffering from a bit of an ongoing issue with graffiti at the skate park. Enquiries continue alongside the council to identify offenders and to deter further examples of this from carrying on. Local officers will continue to carry out patrols of this location and engage with any persons there.

Seal and Weald

Enquiries are ongoing with regards to recent reports of a dog that is of concern being walked at Seal recreation ground. Local PCSOs have been down there to talk to other dog walkers and visitors to try and get the owner and dog identified so that appropriate action can be taken to prevent any other incidents from occurring. The Sevenoaks District Council animal welfare officer has also been made aware of these reported incidents.

We’re not receiving any particular reports around ASB or crime in Weald, but local officer visible patrols of the area are still often carried out in order to reassure residents and deter this activity from occurring. With local events and groups being able to meet up more now due to covid regulations being relaxed, do let us know if you have anything going on that you’d like us to come along to and we’ll do our best to attend!

Keep warm, safe and have a great month!

To see more of what we’re up to on a regular basis, follow us on Twitter – @kentpolice7oaks

Kind Regards

PCSOs Tim and George



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