Planning Meetings

Planning meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every month excluding Bank Holidays at 8.00pm. Parishioners are welcome to attend the Planning meetings. In the event of tight deadlines some applications may be dealt with at the monthly full council meeting. Please send the Parish Council copies of your comments to Sevenoaks District Council.

As a Statutory consultee, it is the responsibility of the planning committee to receive planning applications from Sevenoaks District Council, the local Planning Authority. In reviewing such applications its purpose is to ensure that they meet with current planning law and satisfy local and County structure plans. The Committee may also comment on matters of local concern including infrastructure.

Members of the Planning Committee are:- Chairman Rebecca Stiasny,  Andrew Michaelides, Tony Bulleid, Rick Bourne, Chris Haslam and Oliver Boorman.

All applications, Parish Council decisions and other associated documents to a planning application can be viewed on the Sevenoaks District Council website. You will need to have the planning reference number ready.


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